I, the Inquisitor: trailer, images and platforms for the Action-RPG inspired by Polish novels

Poland is full of inspired and inspiring authors, video game enthusiasts already know Andrzej Sapkowski well, behind the saga The Witcher (The Witcher), but we must also rely on Jacek Piekara, author of short stories and novels featuring the Inquisitor Mordimer Madderdin.

Today, the developer and publisher The Dusk give news ofI, the Inquisitor, a future action role-playing game inspired by the works of Jacek Piekara. Unveiled last year, the title offers a new trailer, as well as images to admire on the second page. Players will embody Mordimer Madderdinan inquisitor sent to Koenigstein, a city where crime is rampant. The title, however, remains a fiction, where Jesus crucified freed himself from his cross to bring down his wrath on unbelievers, giving birth to a particularly bloodthirsty church and where, even 1,500 years later, the inquisitors do not hesitate to use force to enforce the faith. It will thus be necessary decide the fate of NPCs encountered during the adventure, with repercussions for the rest of the story. the gameplay will alternate between investigations, exploration of the Non-World and sword fighting.

I, the Inquisitor doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s expected on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. You can find the novels of Jacek Piekara on Amazon.

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