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Alberto FernandezPresident of the Argentine Nation, reviewed in the Congress the achievements of the management and compared them with the results left by the Mauricio Macri government in December 2019. On the other hand, Fernández criticized the Justice for not moving forward against the material and intellectual culprits who tried to assassinate the vice president, Cristina Kirchner. In addition, the president pointed to the media for not disseminating the positive policies of the Front of All throughout the country.

“I know that there are more of us who do not want an unfair country. The economy grew again during 2022. It grew by 5.4%, one of the fastest growing in recent years. In 2023 we will grow again. It will be three consecutive years of growth in our GDP, something that has not happened since 2008. There is no solution to anything if the economy does not grow. If we don’t grow, there is nothing to distribute,” Fernández said in Congress.

“High inflation is the disorganization of our economy. It is a structural problem that has been going on for decades. It is not an easy task. Those who minimized the problem ended up exacerbating it. We do not need the IMF to achieve fiscal balance or to know that we must increase exports and generate foreign exchange,” argued the 63-year-old political leader.

«I do not hide the needs nor draw an unreal world. I look them in the eye, I go around the country, I can see the good and the bad that is happening. I can speak with you frankly about poverty, inflation, insecurity and low income. I understand the discomfort and the complaint of the weakest. But I also see what is good, and how it is hidden, and how it tries to generate discouragement and discomfort,” said the former insurance superintendent of the Carlos Menem government.

“We will be in a position to inaugurate the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline in the middle of the year. It is the most important gas transportation work of the last four decades”, assured the former legislator of the City of Buenos Aires and added: “Argentina is the energy that the world needs. We multiplied the production of oil and in fuels and energy 8,397 million dollars were sold abroad”.

The empowerment of Alberto Fernández

“It was I, with my moderation, who guaranteed a vaccine for all Argentines. I was the one who was by the side of Lula and Evo Morales”, expressed the former chief of staff of Néstor Kirchner and then attacked the media for not disseminating the positive acts of the Government: “It seeks to generate discouragement and discomfort. That is why I also invite everyone to ponder what has been achieved.

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“In this time, I heard how time and again they criticized my moderation. But with that moderation I was able to face private creditors and I was able to put a stop to the conditions that the IMF had imposed on the government that preceded me. With that moderation, I was the one who put my chest to the pandemic, and who finished building hospitals that some governor considered unnecessary upon my arrival, “he stressed.

“I went around the world with my moderation looking for vaccines against Covid and I ordered that millions of doses be applied free of charge to each Argentine and Argentine who demanded it,” said Fernández, highlighting the pandemic management and added: “I was the one who with that moderation built modular hospitals and distributed more than 4,000 ventilators across the country while putting a neglected health system back on its feet.”

The wink for Cristina

“Six months ago we were faced with one of the most unfortunate episodes experienced in these 40 years, as was the assassination attempt on our Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In front of all of you, today I once again demand that Justice deepen the investigation of that fact, try and condemn those who were the material and intellectual authors of this attempted murder. I ask the Justice to act with the same urgency with which it files cases in which judges, prosecutors or powerful businessmen show victims, “the president attacked.

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