“I want to vomit”: influencer Poupette Kenza fined 50,000 euros

2023-08-17 09:45:25

“It destroyed my evening,” she says. The influencer Poupette Kenza, followed by 1.4 million subscribers on Snapchat, announced this Wednesday evening that she was fined 50,000 euros for “deceptive commercial practices” online.

The French star of social networks, freshly installed in Dubai, is targeted by the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF) after having broadcast an advertisement for a tooth whitener from the brand Crest 3D White without indicating its commercial nature, indicates a letter relayed by Poupette Kenza on Snapchat. He is also accused of “having given the impression” that the sale of the product was “lawful when it is prohibited for sale on French territory”.

The influencer Poupette Kenza distributed a copy of a letter from the DGCCRF indicating the amount of the fine aimed at her. Screenshot Snapchat/@benchrifkenza

Consequence: the young woman of 23 years risks having to pay a fine of 50,000 euros. She is also ordered to issue a press release detailing her sanction on her Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat accounts, where she is followed by at least 1 million subscribers.

A higher fine than that of Nabilla

“I want to vomit”, this news “destroyed my evening, it’s big thieves”, reacted Kenza Benchrif, of his real name, on Snapchat. “I’m too nervous, 50,000 euros fine like that, but it’s a shame! “, she was indignant, specifying that she had been warned of the arrival of a fine “a week ago”.

Unhappy, the star known for filming her daily life as a wife and young mother on Snapchat, said she did not know that Crest products were banned. “Crest, it’s too good anyway, it whitens your teeth, Crest. Buy it babes, anywhere,” she insisted. Poupette Kenza also specified that he wanted to contest the amount of the transaction imposed by the repression of fraud.

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This fine comes after a series of numerous sanctions imposed this summer by the DGCCRF on influencers, pinned for not having clearly specified the terms of their partnerships, or for the promotion of dubious products. But the latter have not yet been targeted, at this stage, by fines.

Amounting to 50,000 euros, this sanction aimed at the influencer Poupette Kenza, in turmoil for months following several controversies, clearly exceeds that imposed on the influencer Nabilla in 2021. The ex-reality TV star had was then pinned for having promoted an online trading training site whose earnings she guaranteed, without specifying that it was a commercial partnership.

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