Ice hockey: Overtime thriller in the first semi-final – Rögle won after an incredible assist

Both Växjö and Rögle have made it to the semi-finals through a tight defensive line. And it continued, for both teams. Namely, there weren’t very many goals in the first meeting in the match series between the teams.

It took until just over half the match had been played before the score was broken. Then it was Zachary Giuttari who scored 1-0 for Växjö from the blue line. The shot didn’t look that dangerous, but when Christoffer Rifalk lost the cut in his movement, he didn’t manage to pick up the puck.

1-1 was all the better. Rodrigo Abols brought the puck into the zone and passed it to Lukas Ekeståhl Jonsson, who then sent it back towards the castle, where Abols steered the puck at high speed behind a chanceless Emil Larmi into the box with just over 15 minutes left in the third period.

Incredibly decisive

The match went to extra time, where Rögle decided the match after seven minutes with a strange goal. The puck bounced over the goal in an arc, which Simon Ryfors spontaneously volleyed over the goal, and landed in the goal yard where Adam Tambellini, who missed several games due to injury, was able to hit the puck into the open cage, also on a volley.

– It bounces over and I get to use my ball sense, it was actually a beautiful goal, says Ryfors to TV4 Play.

– Well done by him. I saw him try to do it, amazingly done. I just tried to get the stick on it, Tambellini told TV4 Play.

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Rögle has now won ten straight games, an incredible form that comes at the right time in the season. Something that reflects the feeling in the squad.

– There is a strong momentum and a strong belief in our squad now, says Tambellini to TV4 Play.

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