“If we don’t arrange supplies, we will close”: how sanctions affected Kaliningrad stocks and second-hand stores

Kaliningrad stock stores and second-hand stores are experiencing difficulties with logistics and are looking for new suppliers. This was told to Klops by the owners of outlets and their employees.

According to the manager of the Kva-Kva stock store, now they sell online what they managed to deliver to Kaliningrad before the start of the special operation. “Kva-Kva” worked with H&M, Primark and other popular brands.

“We brought goods from England. So far, they have not been reformatted to some other suppliers. It is likely that if we do not arrange supplies, we will close. It is not possible to bring goods from England.”

Difficulties also arose with payments: it is impossible to transfer money from Russia to foreign suppliers.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops archive

Nadezhda Makarenko, director of the Dress Free network, said that they managed to find a replacement for Polish and German partners in Russia. Prior to that, the stores offered unsold collections in Europe.

“We ourselves stopped working with foreign partners. Not because of political considerations – the decision was influenced by problems with the delivery of goods. We now have both domestic brands and some Italian brands that deliver to the region via Moscow. It turns out a little more expensive, and I had to raise prices.”

According to the director of the network, Russian clothes are no worse than imported ones: “Manufacturers work on high-quality Turkish fabrics, they sew well.”

Photo: Dress Free store on VK

Family_Shop39, a chain of outlet stores for swimwear, lingerie, and home wear, said they were selling stock from warehouses.

“We work with what we managed to bring. All carriers refused to carry the goods. We worked mainly with stocks from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and France, we transported H&M, Reserved and other brands. We will think about how to reformat the business for partners from Russia, ”said Anastasia Kotlyarova, owner of the network.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops archive

Walid Mikhohamed, the owner of the Europe Style store, which sells second-hand clothes from the Scandinavian countries, also complained about the difficulties with logistics.

“So far we have only one problem: how to bring goods to Kaliningrad. We work with Norway and Sweden. There are ordinary people, not politicians, we have no disagreements. The last delivery was in March. We are currently working on the leftovers.

Kaliningrad businessmen told how they live “without Europe”, in their words, “troubled times have come.”

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