Illinois Launches Campaign to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents | Videos | Univision Chicago WGBO

exact addresses and routesclosing.just point the cameracell phone to the code body is the month of preventionof districted driversthe Department of Transportation,with the state police, they’re going tobe reinforcing your message inagainst using the deviceselectronics while driving,there will be an increase ininterventions with morearrests and finestraffic, all for the campaignof gel or and drive.“pick it up and drive”a total of 32,000 peoplelost their lives due to crashescaused by driversdistracted we are talking about8% of total deaths fromshocks this is a very high numbertroubling, illinois lawprohibits the use of devicesportable electronicswhile driving unlessone uses hands-free mode.more than 7,200 citations and 10,500warnings to driversdistricts in this 2023 upRight now they have 1300citations and 1900 keep your attention onthe way there are somerecommendations we would likegive them precautionary measuresno need to write whiledrive like you don’t have to beconnected to social networks,is important, stop if you are going tosend a message, maybethis one that will take more time toreach your destination andimportant to be sure,ask your passenger to be thedesignated person to send your

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