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I watched the movie “Loser Hal” (2001), where the famous hypnotist Tony Robins plays himself.

Often gurus sponsor a movie where they play successful psychologists who work miracles.

And in such a role, there would be nothing wrong if we saw at least the very top of the mechanism, how the guru makes such a miracle.

Most often, such films resemble advertisements, where a girl buys a new shampoo and immediately her meager hairs turn into a lush mane, behind which a herd of suitors line up.

In the Russian film “Marathon of Desires” miracles began immediately, as soon as the heroine met the guru at the airport. There was not even a laying on of hands, a casual glance was enough.

In the film “Loser Khal” the guru had to sweat. He meets with the hero in the elevator and literally sets his brains straight. He takes him by the skull, squeezes and shouts “Demon, get out!”, and then gives the installation to see in women not their appearance, but their inner content.

And the hero begins to fall in love with ugly people, each of which has such a beautiful soul that he sees beauties instead.

Until a friend of the hero catches Tony Robins somewhere and orders him to remove the hypnosis, the hero manages to fall in love with a 150 kg fat woman who regularly breaks chairs and benches in a cafe, because he sees a fragile blonde in her place (young Gwyneth Paltrow).

Thanks to his powerful crown, he is not only happy, but also gets a promotion at work, because the fat woman’s father turns out to be his boss’s boss.

Happiness ends when the hypnotist obediently like a sheep obeys the order of the hero’s friend and cancels the hypnosis.

If you are not too lazy to watch this bad movie, pay attention to the good moments.

The problem of the lonely hero and his lonely friend is depicted very accurately at the beginning of the film.

You will easily recognize the two Treasures, Both are unsightly, fat, awkward, ridiculously dress and move, but act like Upstarts, wave their arms on the dance floor, rotate their hips and imagine themselves to be in demand machos. They brag about victories and cynically discuss beauties.

When another chosen one rejects the hero, he behaves like a Winner, and this is also an exact psychological moment.

And even when Tony Robins tells the loser that he treats girls not as subjects and his troubles from this, this is an absolutely accurate diagnosis.

The failures of the Treasures are precisely from this! They treat potential partners as things that can be manipulated. It is worth seeing subjects in other people, communication begins, which is interesting to the other side, and the significance of the former Treasure grows.

Pay attention, if you decide to watch the movie, that all the stupid antics and toxic bugs of the hero are solely due to disrespect for girls, from the fact that he does not perceive them as separate people from himself. They are part of his inner world. That is why he behaves so stupidly: crouching, twirling his backside, waving his arms, harassing them. He does not see from the outside that the girls are uncomfortable around him, that he is not at all like the guys who like such girls at first sight, with whom they would like to close the distance.

His image is bad, which means he has very little chance of immediately attracting a beautiful girl, only becoming closer to her through some kind of interesting communication.

This is the secret of a good image: a good image makes it easier and faster to get close.

You become physically attractive, strangers of the opposite sex willingly let you closer or come up to you.

But it still depends on the difference in image: you and the other.

Gender correction in the case of a good image, all the same F = 2M

This means that the image of a man should be twice as good as the image of a woman, so that she would be attracted to take the first step herself, while a man would be drawn to take a step towards a woman if they are equal in image.

There were two solutions to the problem of our loser from the movie.

The first decision: choose girls with an equal image or worse.

In the first case, the hero should be able to take steps within or near the borders, that is, without obvious bugs, and he would receive a gradual increase in significance.

In the second case (if the image of M is worse), the growth of its importance would be rapid. That’s what happened in the movie. The hero found himself an ugly girl, from whom other men shied away, and she quickly fell in love with him, because despite all his clumsiness and absurdity, her image was much worse.

Lowering the bar is the first decision.

The second solution: pumping the image.

Here, too, the level of claims would have to be lowered to an adequate one, but this adequate level would have become higher.

See how it looks from the point of view of the field, that is, the dependence of the SZ on the difference in HP, mainly the image.

Here is our hero:

It would be nice for him to lose weight and pump up, but his minimum task is to stop looking like a fool, change his stupid facial expression and stupid manners, and make a suitable hairstyle.

It would have turned out something like this:

It’s not perfect at all, but much better.

The hero has such a short nose and a massive chin that it is convenient to take advantage of the male handicap and a suitable beard shape. Slicked back hair and sideburns do not suit him, but bangs and swirls do, because the forehead is too high compared to the short nose. And most importantly, his raised eyebrows and bulging eyes, which hardly suit anyone, do not suit him at all, while his relaxed eyes are quite beautiful. He is a C-type, a languid gentle look suits him, elongated hair, and it is better to hide the D-chin under a beard. Do you understand the logic of the archetype? Who was on the course recently, see?

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Ideally, the shape of a beard needs to be slightly different, such a suit with such a tie does not suit him, a dull expression does not suit him, that is, the image can be significantly improved, but even at this level there is already something to see.


In this image, everything is bad, not only overweight with a small stature, which turns the hero into a cheerful kolobok.

Combed up hair resembles a washcloth, sideburns further lengthen the massive chin and visually shorten the snub nose. A shirt with this collar and colors makes him look wider and shortens his neck. The hero looks comical, no wonder this is a comedy, and he is played by a famous comedian.

You can improve the image of the hero within an hour and his chances of getting closer to the girl-of-his-dream will increase.

If you add communication within the boundaries, not just next to the boundaries, but strictly within the boundaries, the chances of it will be very high.

If we assume that the hero is in no hurry and goes to the gym, then in a year he becomes not only charming, but also objectively beautiful. But only when taking into account the fact that he ceases to grimace, dress ridiculously and corresponds to his type of image. A sports figure is a lot, but not all. Matching the type of image gives more.

That’s what Tony Robins had to do with the character in the movie if he wanted to show real transformation.

Even if it would be hypnosis, although the image is not corrected by hypnosis. But the hero would have to turn from a fool with a ridiculous expression on his face and stupid behavior into a normal guy. And the girls would turn to him.

Alas, the authors wanted to present a white coat and an absurd idea that they themselves do not believe in: “many ugly people are very beautiful from the inside.”

Therefore, the poor hero, horrified by the sight of his bride, as soon as the spell of Robins fell, after a while forces himself to return to her and love her with renewed vigor. Out of a sense of duty.

There is practically no chance for his bride to have a guy of at least the same level as our hero.

Its appropriate level is:

Here on the left is a boy who could be interested in the heroine if he is still interested in girls, and not just fast food.

In order for the heroine to become interesting to the main character not in the illusions of the authors, but in reality, she must become twice as slim.

Here is an actress on the set of a film hanging extra pounds on herself in order to turn into an ugly woman.

You need to lose most of the fat in order to start liking such men as a hero.

And if you want not only to arouse sympathy in such men, but to quickly grow in importance when communicating, you need to have a good image (+ few bugs). The difference in the image should be something like this:

Why do I add “few bugs” everywhere?

Because big bugs reduce the effect of a good image, and the more bugs, the more they reduce.

And here it all depends on how big your bugs are, how good your image is, and how much better or worse it is than your partner’s image.

If the difference in image is very large, you can afford big bugs and keep the dynamics of the SZ, that is, continue to like it.

Here in such a pair a girl can afford a lot:

The guy in this pair can afford even more:

This is how the problem of loneliness, chronic unrequited love and lack of personal life is solved.

Unfortunately, the authors of the film shrugged off solving the real problem and limited themselves to moralizing.

We must love the soul, not the body.

Although what kind of soul is it that brings its body to an ugly state?

Beauty is not the main thing, but if the soul ignores the state of its body, and at the same time wants a partner many times more beautiful than itself, this means that the soul is not just blind, it denies the very need for vision.

Is it clear why such a soul is ugly?

And if the body looks normal, but there are still insurmountable problems in personal life, what are the main reasons for this?

Quote the question when you answer. By the way, what does the lack of quotes and short answers mean, from which it is difficult to understand what the comment is about?

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