In a very unfair action towards its workers, GM will lay off thousands to strengthen its EV program

General Motors CEO Mary Barra has decided that its slow move into the essential electric vehicle (EV) market, and likely the looming recession, means it must close the doors to thousands of workers.

The best way to save money in a manufacturing company is to lay people off. And GM does it with great pleasure, it is not the first or the last time that it will do it.

The news is that GM will lay off most of what it calls its “salaried workers” in the United States.

That adds up to 58,000 people, and could cost GM as much as $1.5 billion. The Voluntary Separation Program is nothing more than laying off people that GM could avoid by involuntary action. In other words, take the acquisitions and get out.

People who take the package will get one month of compensation for each month they worked, with a limit of 12 months. Long-time loyal employees will take a financial beating, which is all too common for this manufacturer.

It’s hard to say how many people will leave GM because of this program, but it’s sure to be in the tens of thousands. Many of them will not find work soon.

Maria Barra, called a “Racist” by the African American community, did not say goodbye or volunteer to work for $1. He continues with his bulky salary of millions of dollars

The layoffs are a sign that GM wasn’t prepared for the near-term future, as it was when the Japanese breakthrough came along in the 1980s. Just watch the movie “Roger and Me,” and there you have the answer about GM’s decisions. .

Do you remember “Saturn”? In the movie “Roger and Me” they have the story of the manufacture of those GM super lemons, which were called to “confront” the Japanese, something similar to what is happening now to “confront” the manufacturers of EV’s.

GM’s future EVs are already in trouble

A recent Wall Street Journal headline put it best: “GM EV push stalls amid sluggish launches for GMC Hummer, Cadillac Lyriq.” One dealer described customers as frustrated.

How customers will not be frustrated, since none of these electric vehicle models has left the factory without dozens of details with problems, which has made many of its dealers nervous.

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Those who want to buy an electric vehicle, can resort to a Tesla, which is more attractive, since it has been cutting prices, or to the Kia, Hyundai, VW, Ford or perhaps Volvo, or if they want to pay more to the Mercedes Benz or BMW , but never an EV from General Motors that are expensive and flawed.

GM wanted to be ahead in the electric vehicle market. Instead, it’s behind.

Now, you need to get rid of your fossil fuel costs as quickly as possible. That means tens of thousands of jobs, something that has already happened and we know the story.

General Motors has always been a company that does not respect its workers, nor those who have supported it for decades, an extremely racist company in its economic models, where it allocates 3.5 billion dollars for the general market, and not for the Hispanic market. It does not even reach 3% of that budget, Hispanics being 18% of the population, counting only the legal ones.

When you buy a vehicle from them, just think of the families that will be on the streets, and who have already been working for the automaker for decades.

It is not the first time that GM has done this with its workers. just watch the documentary Roger and Meand there you have the whole explanation why GM is a company that has destroyed thousands of homes.

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