In Marseille, Sol en Si supports AIDS patients

Although December 1st marks World AIDS Day, the Solidarité enfants sida association works all year round to help and support the sick.

In France, some 200,000 people are living with AIDS. And 24,000 are unaware that they are sick.

With 63 discoveries of HIV per million inhabitants in 2020, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is the second most affected metropolitan region, after Île-de-France, by the epidemic. The Alpes-Maritimes department is the one with the highest number of new infections per thousand inhabitants, after Paris.

In Marseille, the association Sol en Si (“Solidarity for AIDS children”) supports the sick.

We didn’t eat with me, we didn’t drink from my glass. They came all the way down to my house to insult me“, tells Abi to our journalists Virginie Danger and Sylvie Garat. Abi found refuge within the association Sol en Si, five years ago.

Mother of four children, she then wants to escape her family, toxic. Relatives who treat her like an outcast since the announcement of her HIV status at the age of 22. Upon her arrival in Marseille, Abi finds in Sol en Si a place of resource, a second family to whom she can entrust all the traumas endured.

Sol en Si is also a nursery for toddlers and for parents, a versatile social psychological support. “Valuable support to help families structure themselves and move towards autonomy“, explains the association.

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