In perspective: a global war by “Ukraine” interposed?

It will not be just any war… This one might, in the short or medium term, determine the destiny of humanity, because nuclear weapons of unequaled power might take part in it.

Thus, centuries later, anthropologists, historians or post-apocalyptic scriptwriters will probably remember that it is on the territory of a Ukraine and a people transformed into sacrificial lambs, in the month of February 2022, that Russia and the United States drew the contours of the chaos that will dictate the apocalypse that will set the world ablaze for generations.

Vladimir and Joe

At the beginning of this umpteenth tragedy on earth, it seemed as if two men were calling out to each other and inveighing once morest each other over the heads of Ukraine and those of the other nations of the world. Vladimir the cynical tyrant and Joe the bumbling democrat. Leaders of the two greatest military powers on planet earth. To see them go, it looked like they had personal accounts to settle in front of the earth’s population.

We remember in particular that at the beginning of his attempt to annex Ukraine, when he was indexed by a substantial part of world public opinion, the only person with whom Vladimir Putin wanted to negotiate was Joe Biden. Consequently, this suggested that beyond appearances, Vladimir Putin was not at war with Ukraine; it was once morest the United States of America and its Western allies.

As a reference ultranationalist, Vladimir said then, roughly, to be at war once morest the West because the military alliance of the latter, NATO, notably threatened the security and the integrity of the values ​​of his country.

Moreover, he blamed the West for not having kept its word on the dismantling of the said NATO, which was supposed to be, as agreed, like its Soviet equivalent, at the end of the cold war. .

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There were none left

Unlike the story developed in the drama series Highlander, once the red button was pressed, none remained.

Vladimir might not retreat, for in doing so he lost face and the war. And for a tyrant, to lose the war was to sign the end of his reign, his death sentence… At the foot of the wall, all he had left was the red button.

In his arsenal of nuclear weapons, he had enough to destroy a country the size of France or that of Texas in the blink of an eye with only one of them: the so-called Satan 2.

Clearly, no other nation possessed its equivalent.

That’s why it shouldn’t come to the red button.

That’s why Vladimir shouldn’t be pushed into a corner of the ring by approaching so close to his border through Ukraine…

And that is why he had to be given an exit option with respect to this war which should not have taken place.

Note: this is not the reality. At least, not yet… It’s a simple hypothesis addressed to the solicitors of a global war.

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