IN PICTURES – Jupiter and its polar auroras in the eye of the James Webb telescope

2023-12-26 12:34:11

The European Space Agency put online a new image from the James Webb telescope on Tuesday. The NASA paparazzi took a portrait of Jupiter, with its auroras and its giant storms. TF1info tells you more about this photo of all beauty !

Hypnotic. With its giant storms, powerful winds, northern lights, and extreme conditions of both temperature and pressure, Jupiter continues to fascinate astronomers. The James Webb Space Telescope has just demonstrated this again. The NASA paparazzi recently pointed one of its cameras in the direction of the star to take a portrait of it. To obtain this dazzlingly beautiful image, the teams in charge of the camera took a series of shots using different filters. “This image comes from the observatory’s NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera), which has three specialized infrared filters to observe details of the planet”explains the European Space Agency (Esa), in a press release.

With its giant storms, powerful winds, northern lights and extreme temperature and pressure conditions, Jupiter fascinates astronomers. – NASA, ESA, Jupiter ERS Team; image processing by Judy Schmidt

At the top and bottom of the image, we can see polar auroras, these light phenomena generated by solar storms. The spiral shapes near the poles are anticyclones, the diameter of which can reach more than 50 km in height and several hundred kilometers in width. According to scientists, these gigantic whirlwinds last for months, or even centuries in the case of the “Great Red Spot”. This famous storm, which is so big it could swallow the Earth, appears in white in the photo, in the lower right part. In addition to astonishing us, these images will give scientists even more clues about the interior life of Jupiter.

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