In the marches “the opposition beat Petro by a landslide”: Salud Hernández-Mora


According to the journalist, the president is “every day he is more demagogue, more false. And more toxic… he won’t read his defeat on the street as a personal failure; He will look for culprits inside and outside his government, and he will go ahead with more resentment, with more anger. He read his opinion about what happened on the day of demonstrations.


The president wanted to beat them in the streets and intimidate Congress with hundreds of thousands of protesters. And reaped a resounding failure. Four cats came out and almost all public officials.

The only thing we saw on Tuesday was the palatial show of a megalomaniac, with a wife and a girl by his side, who didn’t paint anything, with a presenter who asked the fans to turn on little lights and applaud their monarch.

On Wednesday, however, there were massive marches of ordinary people, promoted, yes, by the Democratic Center.

And they beat the president by a landslide. Except for the group of about a thousand in the small Plaza de Armas of the Palacio de Nariño, in the rest of the country, the influx was squalid, what would his admired Hugo Chávez say.

Remember that the opposition moved the date when Petro challenged them and put theirs on the same day. And they beat him by a landslide.

The president will now have to think of another little game to get away with it.

Congress measured the oil. And it’s not that strong.

The opposition thrashed Petro

Second time that the Historical Pact reaps a resounding defeat. 100 days after the government of the extreme left, Gustavo Bolívar assured that he would get millions marching in favor of his adored leader. And the attendance was as famished as it is now.

Apart from the street competition, which showed that the Petrists are not enthusiastic about their leader, that they do not love him so much, the scenery and the speech of his majesty Petro I are disturbing.

Look at the window frame. Remember Queen Elizabeth of England waving from Buckingham Palace or the Pope at the famous Vatican window. And if we go further back, Perón and Evita on the balcony of the Casa Rosada, Rafael Correa on the balcony of Carondelet. In Caracas, Hugo Chávez, on the balcony of the Miraflores Palace, just like Maduro.

Since when does a president exhibit his wife and daughter in a speech before the country about legislative projects?

His youngest daughter didn’t have to be there. It is not good to use children and adolescents for political purposes. She must have stayed in her room doing homework or whatever, not listening to the dad-president. But she is not to blame, it is her parents who put her in a place that she does not belong to.

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It was evident that the girl, when they talked about pensions, was more than bored. I don’t know why they didn’t let her go.

A detail of mother and daughter: the medal of the Virgin. Catholic family, in case anyone still doubts Petro’s religiosity.

It was not the place or the moment for the mother either, although the Palace is now her home. Legislative projects are the work of the Government and parliamentarians. The first lady has no ball to play.

And then there are the words of a president who sows hatred wherever he goes, who loves to deepen polarization, insist on class struggle, and threaten Congress with bloody riots if they don’t comply with his wishes.

“Perhaps the events of 1938 when they stopped the revolution in progress will be repeated, perhaps in the circles of economic power mechanisms will be woven to avoid a time of change, if that is the case, we only have to remember 1938. Stopping the revolution in progress led to the murder of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán and to a violence that still does not end”.

Every day he is more demagogue, more false. And more toxic.

But wounded populist presidents are to be feared. He will not read his defeat on the street as a personal failure, he will look for blame inside and outside his government, and he will continue with more resentment, with more anger.

By the way, the Minister of Education, after the monstrosity of health reform and the megalomaniac attitude of his boss, does he plan to continue? Does he have so little dignity?

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