Increasing Dominican figures that exploit images and names in products, brands and clothing lines

Santo Domingo. DR

After having a certain popularity or even a considerable number of followers on social networks, music and communication figures become objects of desire for entrepreneurs or businessmen who offer them business partnerships or simply pay them to lend their name or image to associate them with a particular product or line of clothing, footwear or accessories.

In this world trend, Dominicans have not been left behind and several have announced partnerships, although not in all cases have they been successful.

A new Dominican rum was recently launched. The new brand called “El Caballo Mayor Legacy”, inspired by the late artist Johnny Ventura (March 8, 1940 – July 28, 2021).

The drink was launched as an ultra-premium rum that exalts the trajectory and work of the legendary merenguero.

The collectible gift made to remember the artist is packaged in a fine cognac-style bottle, with a deep-embossed metallic label, a wooden cork stopper and an emblematic neck engraved with the signature of Johnny Ventura, brand executives explained.
Conscious pencil

A bachatero who associated his image and name with another rum is Frank Reyes. His case is also an example that relationships do not always end on good terms. In August 2020, the interpreter of “Medicina de amor” announced a partnership for the marketing of Isla de Oro rum.

However, yesterday his handlers reported that “The Prince of Bachata” would proceed with a lawsuit for alleged mismanagement exercised in the liquor company. The request, he advanced, will be filed for the purpose of clarifying the causes that have caused the artist’s disagreement after he ordered an exhaustive audit of the accounts of the aforementioned liquor company, a statement said.

The formal accusation will be deposited before the courts in the next few hours, it was indicated.

+ Lines of clothing and accessories

Other figures have sailed as entrepreneurs launching their own brands of clothing, watches, shoes, accessories, etc.

An example is the rapper Avelino Figueroa, better known as Conscious pencil, who is increasingly distanced from music and focused on his own brand, “OIO”, which includes clothing, sneakers and cigars.

The “Dad of rap” started his clothing store with OiO Clothing, followed by cigars and sneakers with which he has made his way in the business world.

OiO is an acronym for the words “Organization, Intelligence, Originality” and has casual designs for men and women in different models such as: t-shirts, caps, sweaters, shorts, and sweatpants, among others.

The interpreter “I am dad” also has several properties for rent on Airbnb and the restaurant “La cocina de Palín” in honor of his grandmother.

The urban ones maintain an ascending rhythm of participations in businesses. Just like Conscious Pencil, the reggaeton player Don Miguelo came to launch his clothing line called “DM”, which featured hats and t-shirts.

The trend also includes television figures. With her first pregnancy and inspired by the subtlety of motherhood, the communicator Yubelkis Peralta decided to launch her first line of jeans premama

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Peralta, who currently has two children, Gaby and Marcos, launched the line of jeans to empower pregnant women, hand in hand with Opal Jeans.

The model Nabila Tapia he also has his “Level Up Jeans RD” line of pants. According to what he told two years ago at the time of the launch, it took him about 14 months to select the fabrics, threads, buttons, colors, designs, among many other things.

Some time ago, the communicator Hony Estrella also dabbled in fashion with the “Hony Jeans” line for women.

He was inclined towards this type of clothing “because of the versatility and comfort it represents when it comes to dressing.”

+ Sports line

After more than 20 years in the media, the communicatora Ibelka Ulerio launched into the business arena with its IU SPORT sportswear line.

Ulerio said that he decided to launch this project to seek to break the stereotypes that “we are all one size and that to look good we must be skinny.”

On the other hand, his colleague Luz García has her own shoe collection together with the Brazilian designer Jorge Bischoff, in collaboration with the ZU Shoes and Laulet stores.

The presenter and producer of “Noche de Luz” is going through the third edition of the line that she defined as “a dream come true”.

The collection has different models of shoes with various styles.

Likewise, the veteran communicator Tania Báez launched its footwear line in alliance with the company Caribe Shoes, in 2010.

Other artists who have opted for footwear are the merengueros Fernando Villalona and Héctor Acosta, who in 2007 launched their line of shoes for men and women in association with the Shoempo brand.

On the other hand, the merengue Edward E. Bello Pou, better known as El Cata, has its brand of watches for ladies and gentlemen.

Glasses. The communicator and current Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, was the first Dominican woman to have her line of glasses under the name “Milagros German Sunglasses” together with Optimax.

The line of glasses was made in Italy with 17 models of various colors, shapes, sizes and styles.

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