Index – Interior – Róbert Puzsér: The dictation of events is out of Parliament, this state of affairs must be perpetuated

If the terribly passive Hungarian society takes to the streets, there needs to be a good reason for it, said Róbert Puzsér in the Hungarian voice to his journalists on Tuesday evening at the demonstration organized by Péter Magyar.

When asked why he was demonstrating, he noted that he was out in 2006 as well, but something hasn’t changed, namely that Ferenc Gyurcsány and Viktor Orbán were in power then and still are.

According to Róbert Puzsér, “the entire political class is following the events”.

The dictation of events is out of the Parliament, this state of affairs must be perpetuated, it must be kept at this temperature, this is what public life must be like in order for change to take place. It has to be done this way first, and politics will be forced to react to it, and then it will change

said the publicist.

He also said that another demonstration should be announced following the next demonstration on April 6.

Antal Rogán should not be allowed to regain control of events, but should be kept in a strong hand and history should be written. This is how change begins, first in the way of speaking, outside the Parliament

Róbert Puzsér noted.

And finally, he said, if “people get bored of all this and go home, then it will turn out that there is not so much wrong with the Orbán regime”.

“This book is twelve years of work. The most I’ve ever done.”
Robert Puzsér.

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