Index – Meanwhile – Dobos told about Evelin’s engagement and wedding plans

In Thailand, his beloved got down on one knee in front of him.

As Index also wrote, Evelin Dobos became a bride: the actress was recently proposed to by her lover, Dániel Richárd Kovács, in Thailand.

For the first time, the couple talked about the details of their engagement, which, as it turned out, turned out to be very adventurous, since the individually designed ring with a turquoise stone was obtained at the last minute by the chief director of RTL.

“It was ready two days before the trip to Thailand, but it was also adventurous that it had to be smuggled out so that Evelin wouldn’t notice it in her hand luggage,” said the happy groom, who popped the big question on the third day Star box of his competitor.

“After dinner, he invited me for a walk, said he wanted to find me a pebble. This referred to our first vacation abroad a year earlier, because then I received a story from him that male penguins spend a very long time looking for the most beautiful pebble, which they give to their chosen one, with whom they will stay together forever, since they choose a partner for life. The atmosphere was like a fairy tale, Coldplay was playing from a nearby bar, he was looking for the pebble, and then suddenly I turned around… and he was waiting on one knee. He was like a little boy, he was very embarrassed, and then he asked the question: will you marry me? My tears were already flowing in streams, and of course I said yes,” he recalled To blink Drummer talked about what had happened, and then said a few words about the wedding. As it turned out, they want a narrow ceremony, especially among family members.

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“It is in the cards that it will be this year, but it still depends on a lot of things. One thing is for sure, we are relatively calm about this, I don’t think we should spend years preparing for this.”

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