Intel’s Major Processor Naming Changes: 14th Generation Core i-Series to be Replaced by Core Ultra

2023-10-22 01:40:16
There are major changes in the naming of Intel processors. The latest 14th generation chipset, formerly known as Raptor Lake Refresh, is now available for purchase. This means it will be the last time Intel will use its Core i-series branding. Over the past decades, Intel has tweaked its branding, launching the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 brands in 2008 with the release of the Nehalem architecture. The company has been committed to this brand for 15 years, and has updated the range by adding the Core i9 branding to denote the most powerful chips in 2018. As for the 14th generation processors, they will be the last to use this branding. Some of these processors include the Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K, and Core i5-14600K. Intel has also announced that it will launch more 14th generation desktop CPUs over the next year. Intel also intends to launch Meteor Lake processors for laptops and 15th generation Arrow Lake processors for desktops, and will move to its new Core Ultra brand. Although With these changes, Intel will continue to divide its processors into Core and Core Ultra categories. For example, a Core i7-14700K processor might be similar to a Core Ultra 7 14700K processor. But it’s still not entirely clear how the improvements will affect processors’ performance and their ability to overclock. Some confusion may occur regarding the new nomenclature, but this transition is expected to be painless. Even months following AMD changed its laptop processor naming system, there’s still some confusion regarding AMD’s mobile CPUs. We hope that Intel will avoid the same mistake. In addition, Intel did not indicate an official name for the new generation. The official name of the Core i9-14900K is “Intel 14th Generation Core i9-14900K.” According to the new scheme, it will be called “Intel Core Ultra 9 14900K”. This may cause some confusion among buyers regarding the specifications of the new CPUs. These are changes that affect the year 2024, so it will eventually be an issue.
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