Interact with Michel Hayek’s predictions about Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia in 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated videos of Lebanese predictions, Michel Hayek, for the future of Saudi Arabia in the year 2023, which sparked interaction.

Hayek’s predictions came on New Year’s Eve 2023 on the Lebanese MTV channel.

Hayek said his predictions about Saudi Arabia: “Cups, medals, scores, points, goals, and sports championships for Saudi women.. Rashid Al-Majid is an artist from summit to summit without immunity, with one of his stations being exposed.. Attention diverts for some time to the Riyadh season, following a sudden event..”

And he continued, saying: “The agenda of the Saudi leadership is rich and full of developments and security events that require alertness, so it moved and struck with an iron fist..Two big questions, one transformer in Saudi Arabia, will be, the first is who is the new crown prince? And the second is why is there a new crown prince? Turki Al Sheikh is fighting the fiercest battles And the most dangerous of them is in the face of envious people and conservatives.”

He added, “Prince Muhammad bin Salman is on a stage to conduct confrontation and reconciliation at the same time. Sadness frequently visits the royal family. A pre-emptive uprising by Muhammad bin Salman to cut off everything new with the Khashoggi file and others.. King Salman in the next stage, being the focus of news in which facts and rumors overlap. ..”

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