Investigating a Hit-and-Run: Expert Report on Injuries and Incapacity

2023-08-08 12:13:00

The criminal court will order an expertise in the case against Lionel, 43, an individual who is suspected of having dragged a man in the car for about thirty meters! Indeed, it appears that the victim could suffer an incapacity for work of more than four months, which greatly aggravates the penalty incurred. The facts were committed on March 6 in Angleur.

That day, the owner of a car discovered that his property was being stolen. His blood only made one turn. He decided to cling to the vehicle which was busy fleeing! He was dragged no less than thirty meters before being thrown into the air! The victim fell heavily to the ground. She was taken to the emergency room where no fracture was found.

Fractures or no fractures?

Pain was objectified in the left hand, right knee and lower back. But soon after, another medical certificate noted fractures… The mutual health insurance doctor allowed the victim to work 20 hours a week while a medical certificate covers her until at least September 30, 2023.

Under these conditions, the court is forced to request an expert report to determine whether the facts have caused injuries or incapacity for work and to determine the length thereof. As for Lionel, it’s very simple, he even denies having been in the vehicle at the time of the events. Yet his DNA was found on the steering wheel of the car.

According to him, his DNA ended up right side up because he tried to steal this same car four days before the incident… That’s when his DNA ended up right side up, without being removed in between. time. A cap was also found in the car and it contained a mix of DNA that did not lead to identification. Me Gilles Detournay, the defendant’s lawyer also argued that the victim who had remained hanging on the hood did not recognize his client. The court will decide this case when the expert has ruled on the possible after-effects of the victim.

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