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2024-01-17 04:53:09

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forDance moves in the song Tid Fon (rain) It’s a dance that’s called PiXXiE’s style because it’s a beautiful dance with flowing movement that makes you feel comfortable watching it. Put some sexiness in it. I can tell you that I can’t handle it~~

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How are you doing for Chuan Listen! The song Tidfon (rain) PiXXiE has a sexy, catchy voice from Tiktok. I must say that it is another band from T-Pop that is absolutely amazing. No matter what song they release, they always make fans addicted to their sweet voices and In this album, the 3 girls PiXXiE adjusted their looks to look more mature from walking a lot. It’s called the best bang ????✨ If your friends like it and want to support the kids, you can follow them through various channels and you can listen to this song on Youtube : LIT Entertainment Including playing the song Tid Fon on Tiktok at Sound record: Caught in the rain (rain) Right ^^

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PiXXiE – Caught in the rain (rain) VISUALIZER PIANO VER.

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