iOS 16 finally shows battery percentage on top of iPhones with Face ID ????

Like everything happens, the iOS 16 beta 5 indeed inaugurates — attention drum roll — the display of the percentage in the battery icon! This indicator had disappeared on iPhones equipped with the Face ID function, those which therefore incorporate a notch which limits the space available at the top of the screen.

Until now, it was necessary to be satisfied with a visual indicator of the gauge which was rather imprecise. The battery percentage is available in the control center, which requires an additional gesture.

On Touch ID smartphones, the percentage is present, not in the battery icon but right next to it.

A new option is available in the settings Battery of iOS 16 to show or disable the battery percentage display. This monumental novelty could be the coming sign of screen always on of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Notice the small lightning bolt next to the percentage when the iPhone is charging.

Update – Unfortunately, not all iPhones are in the same boat. It seems indeed that the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini are deprived of it, and perhaps other older models too.

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