Iran Gas Station Software Disruption: Israeli Hacker Attack? Update, News and Impact

2023-12-18 08:51:57

In Iran, gas stations are affected by a huge software problem. The disruption affected, among other things, the payment system at gas pumps, the Iranian news agency ISNA reported today. As a result, operations are restricted at around two thirds of the gas stations in the country with almost 90 million inhabitants.

The Iranian agency ILNA, which specializes in business news, reported an Israeli hacker attack as a possible cause of the disruption. There was no official confirmation of the report from the security authorities.

The Tasnim news agency, which is close to the influential Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), denied concerns about a possible price increase or fuel shortage. The problem at the gas pumps was technical, it said in a posting on Telegram. Gasoline is heavily subsidized by the government in Iran. Four years ago, high gasoline prices triggered a wave of protests that the state violently suppressed.

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