Iran’s Role in Terrorist Attacks: Uncovering the Truth Behind Israel’s History

2023-10-09 15:21:02


What role does Iran play in the terrorist attacks?

Hamas claims to have single-handedly planned the worst attacks in Israel’s history. But there is some evidence to suggest that Iran gave the green light for this.

Published9. October 2023, 5:21 p.m

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi (l) and Hossein Salami, commander in chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, during a military parade in Tehran, September 22, 2023.

Iran is Israel’s number one arch enemy.

Accordingly, Tehran is also the largest supporter of the Palestinian Hamas.

The terrorist organization nevertheless claims to have planned the attacks on Israel independently and that Iran had nothing to do with it.

However, there are said to have been meetings between Hamas and the Iranian “Islamic Revolutionary Guards” since August.

Last week, Tehran gave the green light for the attack, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Iran helped plan the surprise attack Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday and gave the green light for the attack at a meeting in Beirut last Monday. This is what the Wall Street Journal writes, citing high-ranking members of Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Accordingly, members of the Iranian “Islamic Revolutionary Guards” has been working with Hamas since August to plan widespread attacks on Israel.

Iran is Hamas’ biggest supporter

The details of the largest attack in Israel’s history were worked out at several meetings in Beirut, according to the Wall Street Journal. Iranian Revolutionary Guards as well as representatives of the Sunni Hamas and the Shiite Hezbollah militia took part in the meetings.

In fact, Iran is considered the largest supporter of Palestinian terrorist organizations. Tehran is said to support Hamas with up to $30 million a month.

However, Iran itself denies having acted as the mastermind. A spokesman for the Iranian mission to the United Nations said Iran supported the “actions in the Gaza Strip” but did not direct them.

Officially, Hamas does not want to know anything regarding Iran’s involvement in the attack once morest Israel. The attacks were planned alone, said Mahmoud Mirdawi, a high-ranking Hamas representative.

“Not possible without coordination with Iran”

Washington also claims to have found no evidence of Tehran’s involvement so far. Lina Khatib from the SOAS Middle East Institute in London, on the other hand, is skeptical. “An attack of this magnitude might only take place following months of planning and would not have been possible without coordination with Iran,” she told the Wall Street Journal.

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Like Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas does not make any arbitrary decisions for a war “without the express prior consent of Iran.”

Threats and impending conflagration

If it is confirmed that Iran played a direct role in the attacks, the risk of a conflagration in the Middle East increases. High-ranking Israeli security officials have assured that if Tehran is responsible for the killing of Israelis, the Iranian leadership will be attacked.

Tehran said that in the event of an attack, Iran would respond with missile attacks on Israel, coordinated from Lebanon, Yemen and Iran. In addition, Iranian fighters from Syria would be ready to attack cities in the north and east of Israel.

The situation remains fragile: There were brief exchanges of fire between Israeli security forces and Hezbollah fighters on Sunday.

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