Iris Mittenaere announces her separation from Diego El Glaoui: the rumor is confirmed!

The end of a love story. While rumors were rife, Iris Mittenaere clarified things regarding her relationship with her fiancé Diego El Glaoui. During an Instagram story, the former beauty queen announced their separation this Friday, May 10. “It is with great kindness and respect that we must announce to you that Diego and I have decided to take different paths,” she first wrote. And to continue: “After more than four years of love, life took us apart, but we will always keep within us all these beautiful adventures that we experienced and shared.”

During this moving publication, the Miss Universe 2016 asked her loyal subscribers to “Please respect this decision and welcome it with equal kindness” than the one that the two ex-lovebirds feel “one for the other”. Wanting things to be very clear, the 31-year-old young woman made it clear that she remained on good terms with her ex. “Even if our paths diverge today, we will always support each other and be there for each other at every stage of our lives. I wish you the best on this earth”, she concluded. As a reminder, on August 27, 2022, Iris Mittenaere accepted Diego El Glaoui’s engagement proposal. “YES!!! It was on the banks of Lake Como that we said to ourselves that it would be for life”, she shared, overjoyed, on her Instagram account. A new chapter begins for the ex-lovebirds.

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Iris Mittenaere: her astonishing confidence regarding her stand-by marriage with Diego El Glaoui

This breakup thus marks the end of a marriage which already promised to be magical. Guest on the set of the talk show What a time! broadcast on February 25 on France 2, Iris Mittenaere spoke regarding the preparations for her marriage to Diego El Glaoui. “Honestly, I didn’t think it was this complicated to organize a wedding”. And to add: “We had lots of ideas. We wanted to do a lot of pretty crazy stuff and reality has caught up with us. And it wasn’t Diego El Glaoui who said the opposite. “We have too high expectations for what we would like to do with this ceremony”he admitted.

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Indeed, the ex-engaged seemed to have a very clear idea of ​​the wedding of their dreams. In an interview with the magazine Cosmopolitainon February 1, Diane Leyre’s friend made some revelations regarding this union. “Our only problem in reality is that we always want to do things big, we want everything to be extraordinary… Like for our wedding, which we are currently organizing. We chose a small place in a somewhat lost place, that suits us, but it’s super complicated to set up, because it’s in the middle of nowhere…” A project that belongs to the past.


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