Is brown sugar healthier than white? .. “Gulf Health” resolves the controversy • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Gulf Health Council revealed the fact that there are differences between brown and white sugar, and which one is healthy. He pointed out that the scientific fact confirms that there are no significant health differences between the two types.

The council published a video and infographic on its official account on Twitter, explaining that a tablespoon of brown sugar contains 15 calories, while a tablespoon of white sugar contains 16 calories.

He explained that brown sugar contains molasses; Therefore, it is brown in color, but white does not contain it, and brown sugar is sweeter than white sugar. Adding that the two types are similar in their risks of many diseases; Including: obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

He pointed out that the maximum permissible limit of sugar for children is 24 grams for ages between 7-10 years, and 19 grams between 4-6 years, and that it is avoided for ages under 4 years.

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