Is María Eugenia Vidal a candidate in the Federal Capital?

2023-04-19 13:46:43

One of the first speculations that were made within PRO, from that Mary Eugenia Vidal suggested lowering the candidacies, was that it was a message from Mauricio Macri to shuffle and give again, and say that he will finally be the candidate for space. And even speculated with this Gerardo Moralesreported Alejandro Gomel in Modo Fontevecchiaby Net TV and Radio Perfil (FM 101.9).

Nobody quite understood what Vidal wanted to do with that request. even close to Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and of Patricia Bullrich They said it was impossible, since there isn’t even material time to make a move of this caliber, where everyone gets off and discuss again, and some conjecture began.

One of them is an old idea that arose when the issue of candidacies began to be considered: that the candidate in the city of Buenos Aires for head of government is Mary Eugenia Vidal.

Gerardo Morales: “The Vidal thing draws attention, unless Macri has repented”

Two years ago, Vidal was the head of the list in the City for Together for Change. She won the election, although there were some complaints, especially from Patricia Bullrich, who was quick to say that she would have gotten more votes.

The thing is Vidal had not reached 50%, which is the number that the PRO generally has in CABA. Subsequently, María Eugenia Vidal said that she did not want to play in the Capital and was ruled out because she herself to go as a candidate for mayor of the capital.

The speculation, thus far, is that which seeks is to get off the presidential candidacy, because at the time, he maintained that he would define it at the end of April or the beginning of May. For this reason, some speculate within the party itself that, in reality, the play has to do with its repositioning.

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Macri, Lousteau, and the discussion about nepotism

Previously, there was an agreement in principle between Macri and Larreta so that there is only one PRO candidate to compete against Martin Lousteau, the radical candidate in the City. However, they did not get off Jorge Macriis Fernan Quiros in Soledad Acuna. I mean, at this time there are three PRO candidates.

But the question is whether there can be a way out within the party so that the only candidate is María Eugenia Vidal, and that agrees with both Macri and Larreta and Bullrich. This would imply a change of position of the deputy, who had previously said that she did not want to play in Capital.

The possibility arises due to the lack of agreement and doubts about the ability of the former president’s cousin to beat Lousteau.


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