Is Musk asking to reduce the value of the Twitter deal by 25%?

It is not excluded that billionaire Elon Musk will present an amendment to his offer to acquire Twitter in proportion to the number of fake accounts, and if the fake accounts represent 25% of the platform’s users, he may reduce the value of the deal by 25%.

One user tweeted, “If 25% of users are bots, Twitter acquisition should cost 25% less.” In response, Musk said, “Sure.”

Another user asked the world’s richest man if Twitter got back to him about the number of real active users or what it used to be. “No, they still refuse to explain how they calculate that 5% of daily users,” Musk said. “(It’s) very suspicious,” Musk said.
“I’m concerned that Twitter has an incentive to reduce spam, because it reduces the number of users per day,” added Musk, who signed a $44 billion deal to buy the site on April 25.
Meanwhile, the Tesla chief on Tuesday launched a Twitter poll asking users about their experience. Mask posted the poll on Tuesday night saying – Twitter claims that over 95 percent of its daily active users are real, unique human beings. Does anyone have that experience?
The billionaire offered two answer options – a laughing symbol and “Who am I?” accompanied by an automatic code. Of the 1,595,835 votes cast, 52 percent chose the laughing emoji.

Billionaire Elon Musk had made an offer to acquire Twitter in a deal valued at $44 billion, so the controversy over the percentage of fake accounts returned, and the company confirmed that the percentage of fake accounts was only 5%.

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