Israa Al-Nimr…and the rediscovery of prose poetry

2023-11-02 21:44:00

Abdullah Abu Deif (Cairo)

“I chose the prose poem with complete awareness, as it is the poem that resembles me in its freedom and constant search for details. Aside from the conflicts that take place around it and in which I do not like to participate, I cannot imagine myself writing vertical poetry or iambic poetry. It does not resemble the era in which I existed.” It does not resemble my calm way of reciting poetry. I feel that if I wrote these two types of poetry, I would be false and no one would believe me.” This is how the Egyptian poet Israa Al-Nimr justifies the reasons for her bias towards prose poetry.
Al-Nimr said that a poet or writer may address his biography in his creative works in order to address questions that concern us all as human beings, but at the same time we cannot be certain that everything that poets or writers wrote were aspects of their lives, as there are those who write their biography openly and clearly, The poet may write regarding a passing scene in his diary, but what is important is that he be honest when he writes regarding his life or the lives of others so that his poem can touch the heart of whoever reads.
Israa has prepared a book regarding the French writer Annie Arnault, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2022, with the participation of a number of translators, and it was distributed free of charge with the Cairo “New Culture” magazine, of which she is deputy editor. With the aim of providing a service to the reader by introducing him to this writer, who is considered one of the most important writers who were influenced by a number of writers of the nineties generation in Egypt.
Israa’s latest publication is “Hussein Abdel Aleem’s Games,” and she said that he was one of those who left a mark on the Egyptian novel and was able to carve a new classical dialect from the colloquial language, but he did not get his due and was treated as if it did not exist, and I felt that following his death in February 2019, which passed in He was silent and did not receive any attention. Her intention was to write a newspaper article regarding him in order to restore some of his lost rights.
Israa Al-Nimr believes that a true writer, regardless of his age, who is full of himself and his talent, will not feel any competition from any other talent, especially if it is new. Hence, she feels that her practice of journalism and poetry complement each other, and therefore she follows the advice of Charles Baudelaire: “Be a poet. Even in prose..

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