“It can only get better”: confidence at the turn of the year

2023-12-28 06:37:22

Austrians are once again looking towards the new year with increasingly positive feelings. 35 percent look forward to 2024 with confidence, 32 percent with skepticism and 28 percent with concern, five percent did not judge, according to a report by the IMAS Institute at the turn of the year, which has been carried out since 1972. In each of the past three reports, less than 30 percent welcomed the New Year with good cheer.

This means that optimism has increased by nine percentage points since the previous year, with higher educated and younger people being more optimistic than Austrians with less education and older people, with many citing their personal mood or situation as the reason for their confidence in the future, IMAS said. The motto “It can only get better” is also central. For the report, 1,009 Austrians, statistically representative of the population aged 16 and over, were surveyed in personal interviews.

In the long-term trend since 1972, confidence remains below average despite the increase compared to the previous year, with the average from 1972 to 2023 being 44 percent. The skeptical and worried attitude causes inflation, uncertainty and wars, with inflation becoming less important.

New Year’s resolutions are made by 35 percent of the population; Women, younger people, graduates of high school or university and city dwellers are more likely to do so. Most people want to move more or do more sport, eat healthier and live more consciously. More time for family and friends, being more frugal, losing weight, being more careful with other people and protecting the environment more are also the most popular projects of those who have set their sights on something.

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Most – 82 percent – believe that the various crises such as price increases, inflation, wars and pandemics will continue to concern us intensively in 2024. This means that the trend of the past three years continues – albeit with a slight decrease of three percentage points compared to the previous year.

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