“It was customers who called us to ask if the prices were correct”

This Saturday, the price of diesel crossed for the first time the symbolic bar of 2 euros/litre at the pump. Consequence in the country’s service stations, motorists do not scramble to fill up … except in Kampenhout. Indeed, as Laatste Nieuws reports, many people lined up in front of the DATS24 station.

The reason ? Unbeatable prices since diesel was sold at… 1.077 euro per litre, petrol at 1.2 euro per litre! And it was not just a simple display error since motorists who managed to fill up were able to do so at half price. Obviously, the news spread very quickly and a long line formed in front of the gas pump.

Error corrected

For its part, Colruyt (which manages DATS24) was not aware of this error. “It was customers who called us to ask us if these prices were correct,” we tell our Flemish colleagues.

The error was corrected as quickly as possible and prices are now back to normal. But impossible to know how long and how many people were able to take advantage of the unfortunate “promotion”. One thing is certain: DATS24 from Kampenhout lost a lot of money this Saturday…

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