“Jackson Joseph’s US Book Tour: Meet the Haitian Author Signing ‘L’Impasse’ and ‘L’enfer au paradis'”

2023-05-03 17:20:36

The Haitian writer Jackson Joseph is on a promotional tour of his works in the United States of America. The author will sign his last two publications: “L’Impasse” and “L’enfer au paradis”.

Started on April 30, 2023, this promotional tour will allow Jackson Joseph to carry out several signature sales in several states until May 14 at Uncle Sam’s. The aim is to meet French-speaking readers always on the lookout for new publications in Haiti. For Jackson Joseph, reached by telephone by the newspaper Le National, “this tour is going very well so far. The public was happy to meet me,” he said.

Next Friday, May 5, Jackson Joseph will be at Kachè Restaurant in New York. In an atmosphere of reunion on the identity and the cause of a Haiti to defend the author will animate a conference – debates before signing his books for the Haitian community in New York. On May 9, 2023, it will be the turn of Boston, Massachusetts to receive the author and his two books. As in New York, there will be a conference and signature sales. And in Atlanta, Georgia, Jackson Joseph will close his journey by allowing his readers to discover his two works.

It must be said that Jackson Joseph is a specialist in educational sciences and has studied sociology, diplomacy and international relations. He is a professor of philosophy and modern letters, journalist and TV presenter. As a writer, novelist and essayist, he already has eight (8) publications to his credit, including the last two: Beyond the Limits (L’Impasse) and (L’Enfer au paradis). His writings are generally a description of the realities Haitian daily life, the functioning of society, politicians and the responsibilities of each and everyone. In his last two publications, Jackson Joseph presents Haiti in its constant and complex crises (L’Impasse).

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He denounces insecurity, kidnapping, corruption and impunity. But also the bankruptcy of the Haitian state and the failure of foreign partners in the country. He advocates a new state, a new economic and political system. (Hell in Paradise).

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