Jackson Wang Visits Waste Collection Area at Khlong Lat Phrao with Thai Stars and Artists

2023-07-25 13:44:00

World-class artist “Jackson Wang” visits the waste collection area at Khlong Lat Phrao Together with Mr. Chatchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok and Thai stars and artists

“Jackson Wang” handsome, pulls the heart “Thai Agase” takes parents to taste the popular menu, grilled pork

Double the cuteness! “Jackson Wang” met “Jump Meng” for the first time, both funny and adorable.

In addition to having a handsome face, his heart is also handsome. for world-class artists “Jackson Wang” (JACKSON WANG) or “Brother Jack” Of these Thai “Akaze” (Akaze: fan club name GOT7) who have to applaud loudly. After clearing the queue, join the good activities C2 Recycle CSR Project as a brand ambassador. Visiting the waste collection area in Khlong Lat Phrao area and together with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in the project “No pouring together”

with “Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan”, Bangkok Governor and Thai star artists such as “Golf Pitchaya, Save Saisawat, G Suphat, etc., participating in this activity as well

After getting on the boat to the garbage collection point, “Jackson” went full force without saying that he was tired. and spoke regarding the campaign to reduce plastic waste and recycling which he would like to be one voice for everyone to be aware of waste separation and invite everyone in Thai “Everyone does not pour the total” and also gives a bottle of C2 to “Bangkok” for further production of recycled shirts. And also took a picture of the fist fight with the governor of Bangkok, drawing smiles from everyone as well

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