James Harden’s nice gesture for the Sixers

James Harden has yet to officially extend with the Philadelphia Sixers. But it should be soon. The agreement, reached several days ago, is currently being refined. And if it takes time, it’s because the player has shown himself to be “great lord” with the Pennsylvania franchise.

“I spoke with Daryl and we talked about the market and the players that we could bring back to be a better team. I told him to sign the guys he needed to sign and leave me what was left. It shows how much I want to win. I am ready to take less money so that we have a better team,” entrusts the former MVP.

It’s beautiful, especially said like that. Afterwards, James Harden is also aware that his own value has fallen. He comes out of two delicate seasons where he went from 34 to 22 points on average. Hamstring injuries have hampered him a lot and we have to see if he is able to climb the slope. So somewhere, the rebate of 15 million (all the same) that he accepted is also explained by a certain unknown on his ability to return to his best level.

But it’s true that the Sixers were able to sign PJ Tucker soon after the opening of the Free Agency. A good pick for Philly, facilitated by Harden.

PJ Tucker, the Sixers in the sights of the NBA…

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