Jay Chou Carnival World Tour 2023: Biggest Concert in Thailand in 20 Years!

2023-12-10 11:22:25

Jay Chou opens the biggest concert in Thailand in 20 years! Jay Chou Carnival World Tour 2023 with a loud Rajamangala audience of over 70,000 spectators! Full of stunning effects with the most impressive carnival theme

It has passed impressively, worth the wait. For the grand concert of Jay Chou, the famous artist known to everyone as the “King of Mandopop” with Jay Chou Carnival World Tour 2023 on December 8th and 9th at Rajamangala Stadium.

This can be called an important step as the first Mandopop artist to perform a concert at Rajamangala Stadium.

By transforming Thailand’s famous stadium into a concert stage with a spectacular carnival theme of music in a unique format. Impress fans More than 70,000 people came to watch in every area for both rounds!

Jay Chou’s return to perform a concert in Thailand after an absence of 20 years created a huge sensation from the start of the performance.

This concert included new songs and dance moves from the latest album. Complete the program with a variety of songs creatively designed with the intention of creating a joyful atmosphere throughout every second.

There is also a playlist of songs that have never been performed live before. Which is another charm of this concert.

In addition, Jay Zhou also shows outstanding talent in a variety of music, including piano, guitar, and guzheng, as well as a cool dance style that has a unique charm. It creates even more excitement. It made this Carnival Concert very enjoyable and impressive.

Jay Chou’s performance program for this concert will include a variety of music. Also prepared to bring new famous songs From the latest album “Greatest Works Of Art” which was released in 2022.

Especially the song “Red Face Like Frost,” a Chinese-style song where Jay Zhou and his team of dancers present a modern dance style that blends seamlessly with contemporary interpretations of traditional Chinese art.

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In addition, Jay Chou also showed his outstanding dancing ability through the song “Bullfight” which came with a sporty look in a cowboy style that was specially designed for this show. which has taken the moves of playing basketball and adapted them into dance moves which mesmerizes every pair of eyes

Throughout his long career as a famous artist, Jay Chou has not only achieved success as an artist. He is also a songwriter for many famous artists. During one of the concerts this time, those songs were broadcast. Through the interpretation of Jay Chou himself

which has created new colors What a surprise for those famous songs and their fans. Making this concert a concert that perfectly combines classic songs with new songs. Fully loaded with visual effects Spectacular production

Making it more than 70,000 viewers! Experience both images and sound to the fullest. Deserving of the biggest music carnival of the year.

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