Jean Ferrari Reveals Confrontation with Jose Sabogal and Alianza Lima Blackout Incident

2023-12-13 14:36:17

The current merengue administrator, Jean Ferrari, did not hold anything back and confessed what José Sabogal did when he told him about the blackout that occurred in Matute.

Jean Ferrari spoke with José Sabogal after a blackout in Matute | Beyond the Portal / ESPN

Universitario de Deportes managed to add a new star to its credit after beating its eternal rival Alianza Lima at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium. This fact continues to give something to talk about, since after the final whistle, The lights of the La Victoria sports venue went outby order of Blanquiazul administrator José Sabogal.

Recently, the administrator of Universitario, Jean Ferrari, referred to the issue in an interview with Óscar del Portal in his program “Más siempre del Portal.” The former soccer player also indicated that he was very annoyed by the direction of the Alianza Lima board, so he did not hesitate to write to José Sabogal.

The current administrator of Alianza Lima received a message full of discomfort from Jean Ferrari, but he did not respond to the surprise of the fans.

“I wrote directly to José Sabogal. I do not have any communication with the leaders because they have shown me along the way that they are not trustworthy people. I did have communication with José Sabogal. I told him “how low what they did, in very bad taste.” “But you have little time in this football, you’re going to learn.” He didn’t answer me, he left me alone.”revealed Jean Ferrari.

Jean Ferrari and his words about the message to José Sabogal.

Likewise, Ferrari took the opportunity to not accept the justifications given by Alianza Lima in relation to turning off the lights at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium.

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“Security? Imagine, there is an earthquake in your house and the first thing you do is turn off the light to run away? It doesn’t make sense. Given the amount of evidence there is, I find it difficult to argue something that supports the fact that there was “turned off the lights”he added.

Jean Ferrari referred to Yoshimar Yotún

“I have seen Joel’s statements. You cannot name his players, he mentioned names which is also a lie, we did not go for any of his players. I estimate that since he does not have a good relationship with his fans, he wants to send messages, so that “His fans bought him. It’s not that we couldn’t, it’s that we didn’t want to. That’s different. The fun is over, we’re on to something else.”declared Jean Ferrari.

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