Jeddah ICF sent off

Jeddah | ICF Jeddah Central Committee gave farewell to ICF workers Moideen Haji and Abdul Qadir Manuppa who are going home after their exile life. Living in exile for 38 years, TM Moideen Haji Trippanachi was active in the movement since its inception. ICF Ruwais was the unit treasurer. Abdul Qader Karuwarakund, who has been living in exile for more than two decades, is the Jeddah Central Executive Member.

He was active in social service as ICF Swafwa volunteer captain and ERT member. Makkah Province President Shafi Musliar inaugurated the farewell gathering held at Jeddah Marhaba. ICF Jeddah President Hassan Sakhafi presided.

Mujeeb R Nagar, Syed Zainul Abid Thangal, Muhammad Sakhafi Ugrapuram, Moideenkutty Sakhafi, Muhammad Anwari Kompam, Abdul Nasser Anwari, Kalam Ahsani, Mohsin Sakhafi, Abdurrahim Vandoor, Basheer Paravoor, Abdul Ghafoor Pulikal, Yasir Arafat, Hanifa Perinthalmanna and Ahmad Kabir spoke.

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