Joaquim Benjamim fastest in the closed circuit race in Cangandala – news

Pilot Joaquim Benjamim, from the Carreira de Tiro neighborhood, wins, this Sunday, the motorized closed circuit race, in the 125 cubic centimeter category, in honor of the 54th anniversary of the municipality of Cangandala.

In second and third positions were runners Fernando Paulo and Cristiano Fina. In the 50 cubic centimeter category, first place was won by Augusto Morais, followed by Pedro António and Luciano César.

Called Palanca Negra, the race, contested over 13 laps, was promoted by the Provincial Motor Sports Association in collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Cangandala and had the participation of 15 drivers from both categories, all from the city of Malanje.

The winner of the 125 CC said that the race was difficult due to the obstacles on the track, as it is adapted, due to the lack of an appropriate layout, but the victory is the result of early recognition of the track and previous experiences.

The president of the Provincial Motor Sports Association, Júlio de Oliveira, highlighted that the activity served to promote mass development and stimulate young people’s taste for the sport, since, at a local level, closed circuits are not practiced.

He said that, like Cangandala, similar events will be taken this year to other municipalities in Malanje, with the aim of discovering new talents and promoting motor sport in the province.

The municipal administrator of Cangandala, Dilangue Baião, regretted the fact that the competition did not feature local riders, highlighting that this year work will be carried out with APDMM, with a view to creating the Municipal Association for the training of riders.

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