Jones Huala arrived in Chile and was sent to Temuco prison

2024-01-05 08:00:00

This Thursday, Facundo Jones Huala managed to observe the sunrise in Argentine territory from the Esquel federal prison. Minutes later, members of the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Federal Police and the PSA removed him from that penitentiary unit and escorted him in several vans to the city airport. There, he waited for the arrival of the plane that landed before 9 a.m. A delegation of Chilean Justice officials and security forces loaded him onto the aircraft, which began the flight to the neighboring country. With that image, the second extradition process of the Mapuche leader, who was detained in Argentina for 11 months, ended.

The plane landed before noon at the Valdivia airport. As soon as he touched Chilean soil, Jones Huala, 37, appeared before Judge Claudio Thomas Veloso, in charge of the Guarantee Court of Río Bueno, of the Los Ríos Region. This was reported by the press area of ​​the Chilean Judiciary.

The magistrate ordered that the Mapuche activist, who claims the existence of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM), be housed in the Temuco prison, where he will serve the remaining time of the sentence that the Chilean Justice imposed on him in 2018. The sentence will expire on June 26, 2024.

On that first occasion, Jones Huala was extradited at the request of the Chilean State that requested him to judge him as the author of a house fire and other premises in a field in the Río Bueno commune. Also, for illegal possession of homemade firearms.

At the beginning of March 2018, federal judge Gustavo Villanueva issued the ruling declaring the extradition of the Mapuche leader to Chile admissible. After the confirmation of that ruling by the Supreme Court, On September 11, 2018, he was transferred by plane from Esquel to Chile.

The trial in Chile and the conviction

On December 21, 2018, the judges of the Oral Criminal Trial Court of Valdivia sentenced him to 6 years in prison for the fire and 3 years and 1 day for possession of a homemade firearm. The months he spent in preventive detention in Argentina were counted in his favor. The sentence began to be carried out on April 23, 2019.

On January 21, 2022, the Temuco Court of Appeals admitted an amparo presented by Jones Huala’s defense and granted him conditional release. The next day he left the prison in that city in the Ninth Region of southern Chile.

But On February 15, 2022, the second chamber of the Supreme Court of Chile revoked the decision. When they went to look for him at the address he had reported to arrest him, he was no longer there. Two days later, the Chilean Justice issued the arrest order.

Jones Huala returned clandestinely to Argentina and on January 30 of last year, police from Río Negro surprised him by chance in a house in El Bolsón. The Chilean Justice required his extradition so that he could finish serving his sentence.

PWith that, he faced a second extradition trial and, again, Villanueva was the judge who handed down the sentence on July 31, 2023 that authorized his return to the neighboring country.either. The defense appealed to the Supreme Court, which on November 14 confirmed the ruling.

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Three days before leaving the Presidency, Alberto Fernández signed the resolution that gave the green light to the transfer. TAfter a winding judicial path, which lasted eleven months, yesterday Thursday Jones Huala returned to the Temuco prison.

The events that led him to prison

The Oral Criminal Trial Court of Valdivia declared him guilty, after finding it proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, that at approximately 11 p.m. on January 9, 2013, the victim Alberto Segundo Riquelme Paillán was with his group. family, made up of five adults and four children, in a home located inside the Pisu Pisué farm, commune of Río Bueno.

place to which Three hooded individuals arrived, including Jones Huala, who proceeded to reduce the family group, pointing firearms, forcing them to lie on the ground and then proceed to tie up the head of the household, Riquelme Paillán, and his son-in-law, Jaime Alberto Montes Moll, and search the home in search of a shotgun.

Posteriorly, lThe subjects took the victims out of the building, while one watched them, another sprayed the rooms of the house with an accelerant liquid and the third set it on fire, unleashing a fire that consumed the home. and that it spread to an adjacent warehouse and chicken coop. The three subjects then fled the property.

On January 30, 2013, the Chilean Investigative Police He was detained in a house in the El Roble sector, Carimallín, in the commune of Río Bueno, Los Ríos Region. In the cellar or stove where Jones Huala was, the police found “a shotgun, composed of 2 pieces joined by a nylon pipe, with an unhammered cartridge inserted into one of the ends of the tube, 12 gauge, Nobel brand”; “12 shotgun cartridges, 12 gauge”, unfired; “a blank pistol, Bruni brand, model 85, with a magazine that contains 5 unfired blanks” and “7 white cloth canvases, with legends alluding to the Mapuche cause.”

In its indictment, the prosecutionHe signed that he had entered Chile through an unauthorized passage after May 2009.

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