Judicial setback against Cristina Kirchner, they declared the appeal request “inadmissible”

2023-07-04 21:24:12

The Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation declared this Tuesday “inadmissible” the extraordinary federal appeal with which Cristina Kirchner’s defense sought to reach the Supreme Court of Justice to challenge judges Gustavo Hornos and Mariano Borinsky, in the review of the sentence of the case known as Highway.

The decision was adopted unanimously by the members of the fourth chamber of the country’s highest criminal court.

Since May of this year, the defense appeals against the sentences imposed on Fernández de Kirchner, the businessman Lázaro Báez and José López, among other former officials, for the crime of fraud against the public administration and the appeal of the prosecutor Diego Luciani against the acquittal for the crime of illicit association for which he had been accused during the trial.

When the case entered Cassation, the defense challenged judges Hornos and Borinsky because they had already intervened in the case and due to an alleged lack of independence and partiality, after it emerged that they held social meetings with former President Mauricio Macri when he was in charge of the Executive Branch.

That proposal was denied and the defense tried various resources to force the intervention of a room other than the one that was drawn, all rejected.

On this last opportunity, as requested by the prosecutor in the case before the Cassation, Mario Villar, the court denied the extraordinary appeal for the Supreme Court to review the integration: it is expected that the former president’s defense will appeal “in complaint” to the highest court .

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If this resolution is final, judges Hornos and Borinsky, members of Chamber IV of Cassation, will be part of the court that must review the sentence of the case in which the alleged direction of public works during the Kirchnerism in Santa Cruz was investigated. in favor of the businessman Báez.

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