Junín: Regional Director of Transportation arrested for being involved in a double crash that left three dead | Happened in Peru

Happened in Peru | Junin | The regional director of Transport and Communications of Junín, Elvin Danilo Carhuaz Loyola, was arrested by the Police, as suspected of having been the cause of a double collision of vehicles on the Central highway, which left three dead and 12 injured last Monday.

On board his black Kia vehicle, the official was one of the four drivers who ended up injured following the accident. He was transferred to a hospital, where he is watched by police officers who are investigating the causes of the accident.

Elvin Carhuaz would have tried to overtake a vehicle and invaded the opposite lane, causing a first crash, he returned to his lane, but the uncontrolled vehicle ended up in the middle of a farm, Huanca York Times reported.

Ica: Increase in cases and deaths from dengue in the region

The increase in dengue cases and deaths in epidemiological week no. 15, worries the population.

The districts with the largest number of patients are in Chincha Alta and Pueblo Nuevo, in the province of Chincha, where fumigations are being carried out to prevent the spread of the disease, reported La Lupa.

Ayacucho: More than 30,000 visitors arrived in the region for Easter

Happened in Peru | The head of the Regional Directorate of Trade, Foreign Affairs and Tourism (Dircetur), Luis Ledesma Estrada reported that 37,000 visitors arrived in the region during Holy Week.

This, according to the data obtained in the land terminals, tolls and Ayacucho airport, reported Jornada.

Cusco: Mayor of Espinar forced to attend on crutches to render an account of her 100 days

The population of Espinar, held a Popular Assembly, to ask the authorities of the province for the work report of its first 100 days of management. This activity had been rescheduled because Mayor Cludy Laguna suffered an accident that temporarily made it impossible for her to walk. However, the residents forced the edile authority to appear.

The mayoress had to travel on crutches and with the help of her co-workers to the assembly to explain her situation, reported CuscoPost.

Puno: Water deficit reduces milk production in the province of San Román

Happened in Peru | The general coordinator of the Association of Agricultural and Food Producers, Luis Yucra Chupa, revealed that milk production in the province of San Román has greatly reduced due to the water deficit.

As indicated, the lack of pastures forced many farmers to slaughter their cattle, which also caused milk production to drop drastically in the province of San Román, which according to the leader, produced between 50 and 65 thousand liters daily. , but due to the lack of rain, production has dropped to 30 and 40 thousand liters per day, reported El Objetivo.pe.

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La Libertad: Due to a fire in a mansion in Trujillo, 15 families lose everything and 4 commercial premises collapsed

Happened in Peru | A fire consumed a house on the 8th block of Jr. Pizarro, in the historic center of Trujillo. As a result, 15 families lost their homes and 4 commercial premises collapsed. The incident occurred following midnight on Tuesday and lasted regarding two and a half hours.

The owner of a local internet booth, where the fire started, believes that it would have been caused because the electrical networks of the computers were off.

Now families are asking for financial help, reported Noticias Trujillo.

Lambayeque: They collect more than 210 m3 of waste

One of the most critical problems facing the José Leonardo Ortiz (JLO) district, in Chiclayo, is that of public cleanliness, it is enough to go through its different sectors to verify this painful reality, which worsened with the recent rainfall.

This problem of solid waste is an unresolved problem by the different municipal administrations. The neighbors throw their waste on public roads and in the ditches, due to the deficient municipal attention, generating serious sources of contamination.

Of the 250 critical points for waste identified in Chiclayo, there are 150 critical points in JLO. The situation has worsened with the rains from Cyclone Yaku that affected the discharge drains.

Faced with this situation, the Minam, the Lambayeque Regional Government and the local council, carried out a cleaning campaign in José Leonardo Ortiz, where 216 cubic meters (m3) of waste were collected, according to Semanario Expresión.

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