‘Justin Bieber to pray for Israel by sharing a picture of Gaza destroyed by Israel’; retracted story

2023-10-13 14:08:16

Criticism for the post shared by pop singer Justin Bieber in support of Israel while the Israel-Hamas war continues. The picture Bieber shared was of Israel’s razed Gaza, writing, “Pray for Israel.” Gaza was a city that was destroyed by Israel’s attack. The mistake was immediately pointed out on social media and criticized for not confronting the Palestinian people suffering in the war. Justin Bieber then deleted the post and a few minutes later re-shared the same post without the image.

Although Justin Bieber deleted the Gaza-themed post, screenshots of the first post are now widely circulated on social media. Justin Bieber is now facing criticism on social media for his lack of understanding. He had previously shared a post about the Israeli-Palestinian war. My Israeli and Palestinian friends are really hurting. I’m sure we all instinctively understand what evil is when we see that, and it seems wrong to me to villainize all Palestinians or all Israelis. I’m not interested in taking sides, but I am interested in standing with the families who were brutally uprooted from us. Justin Bieber said in a previously shared post. Meanwhile, Justin has yet to respond to any criticism.

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