Kaliningrad Baltika Defeats St. Petersburg Zenith in RPL Path of Russian Cup: Highlights and Coach’s Praise

2023-08-30 19:02:55

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

Kaliningrad “Baltika” beat the St. Petersburg “Zenith” in the third round of the group round of the RPL Path of the Russian Cup. The game ended with a score of 1:0, according to the Klops correspondent.

The only goal in the 41st minute was scored by striker Iturra Henriquez. In the second half, both teams had chances to score, but the result of the first half held.

At the end of the match between the Baltic Gideon Guzina and Claudinho, a brawl arose, which ended with two mustard plasters. Kaliningraders brought the match to victory and retained the first place in the Russian Cup group.

After the meeting, the guests’ coach Sergei Semak praised the Kaliningrad team, noting that he would single out goalkeeper Yevgeny Latyshonok.

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