Kirkorov threw money around on his birthday

2023-05-06 00:30:06

Larisa Kudryavtseva

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Even in the image of a pale toadstool, Philip looks bright

Philip Kirkorov traditionally celebrated his birthday, and he turned 56, on stage. The grandiose concert in the Kremlin Palace became the final part of his anniversary tour, which lasted a whole year.

At the beginning of the show, Kirkorov, who, by his own admission, spent $ 5 million on it, spectacularly appeared from the far door of the auditorium in a huge crown with feathers and in a brilliant suit. And when he got up on stage, he delivered a touching speech:

“Unfortunately, it was on this day that my mother left the world. It happened 29 years ago. But today, I know that she is my guardian angel, and my children, Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov, watch this concert through her eyes.

During the evening, Kirkorov managed to change as many as 27 images:

– If not for the sanctions, perhaps our application would have been accepted into the Guinness Book of Records. But I did not strive for records, – the singer noted. – I grew up on the music and shows of Cher, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson. On the songs of Valery Leontiev. I have always looked up to these people and, perhaps, I wanted to outdo them in some way. For example, we overtook Cher in the number of dressing up for the concert – she had 16. But her songs in the evening were not 35, like mine, but 23.

“I got up and left here”

One of the most touching moments of the program was a tender and romantic song from the new film by Nikolai Lebedev “Nuremberg”:

“We value our history, honor the soldiers, without whom we would not have a peaceful sky today, we thank those who gave their lives so that we might live peacefully today,” Philip said.

He also added that he would lay all the flowers that were presented to him today at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier next to the Kremlin. Bouquets were – do not count. The most memorable – from white-blue-red roses, in the colors of the Russian flag – was presented by the famous gymnastics coach Irina Viner.

Crashed into the memory of the audience and the moment when Kirkorov suddenly started an attraction of unprecedented generosity. He announced that he had released a limited collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts, on which his most scandalous phrases such as “Your pink blouse annoys me”, “Get up and left here” and others are inscribed. He decided to give a few to the lucky ones right there. I wrapped a thousand-ruble bill in each of them and threw it into the hall. Who caught, he caught.

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The extra guy showed off Phil T-shirts

But Philip himself was not left without gifts. Fashion designer Anika Kerimova and singer Natasha Koroleva presented him with a dressing gown from their joint limited cruise collection. Plus, the singer became the owner of a painting in which he was depicted as a genie flying out of an old lamp. The children gave practical gifts to dad: Martin – a station from which you can charge several gadgets at once, and Alla Victoria – a special bottle that instantly filters water.

And the main gift – a new appearance – the singer, apparently, presented himself. He was pleased with his unexpected transformation, and made Timur Khaidarov the plastic surgeon almost the main guest at the concert and even introduced him to a crowd of thousands.

On the eve of the performance, the thinner and slimmer singer visited the new show of Pavel Volya and, without undue modesty, emphasized that he was the king not only on stage, but also in bed:

– I am a virtuoso in this matter. Not only a great vocalist, but also the number one sex partner, just so you know.

Photo source: Larisa Kudryavtseva

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