KOSPI fell by 1% on institutional selling… The exchange rate broke through 1,340 won during the day

On the 22nd, the KOSPI closed at 2462.50p. photo = news

The KOSPI continued to fall on institutional investor selling. The KOSDAQ fell below the 800 line. On the other hand, the won-dollar exchange rate broke through 1,340 won during the day.

On the 22nd, the KOSPI index closed at 2462.50p, down 30.19p (-1.21%).

On that day, individual and foreign investors bought 131.4 billion won and 118.8 billion won, respectively, and institutional investors sold 237.8 billion won.

By industry, telecommunications (0.46%) and non-metallic minerals (0.07%) rose, while textiles and clothing (-1.87%) and paper and wood (-1.86%) fell.

In the telecommunication industry, KT (1.16%) and SK Telecom (0.78%) rose, while in non-metallic minerals, POSCO Chemical (1.91%) and Union (0.48%) rose.

In the textile and apparel industry, Daejeon (12.43%) and Ilshin Textile (4.95%), which have a site in Gwangju, rose on the announcement of the Shinsegae Gwangju complex shopping mall development plan, but BYC Woo (-4.56%) and TBH Global (-4.25%) , and certain unemployment (-3.59%) fell as the sector index fell.

Paper and wood (-1.86%) fell the most in Samjeong Pulp (-5.21%) and Kleinnara (-4.94%), which continued to rise on the previous trading day. As the stock price rose due to an increase in trading volume, it appears that a profit-taking product has come out.

Among the top 50 companies by market cap, S-OIL (3.72%) rose the most due to a rise in crude oil prices, followed by KT&G (0.85%) and Samsung C&T (0.83%).

On the other hand, LG Display (-6.21%), Kakao Pay (-5.95%), and SK Biopharmaceuticals (-4.55%) closed lower as foreign and institutional investors were selling.

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Among major companies, Kia (0.25%) and SK Innovation (0.24%) closed only slightly, followed by Samsung Electronics (-1.47%), LG Energy Solutions (-1.00%), SK Hynix (1.24%), and NAVER (- 1.00%) < Kakao (-2.21%) showed a decline of more than 1%p.

Meanwhile, the KOSDAQ index fell 18.30p (-2.25%) to 795.87p, and the won-dollar exchange rate rose 13.90 won (1.05%) to close at 1339.80 won.

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