Kovid to 369 more in the UAE

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Health and Prevention has announced that 369 people have been infected with Kovid in the last 24 hours in the UAE and another 250 have been completely cured. But Kovid-induced death has not been reported for more than two months.

Total patients: 901,809. Total number of survivors: 8,85,537. Total death toll 2,302. Those in treatment: 13,970. Officials said the patients were from different countries and were being treated well.

2,27,280 more RT PCR tests

A further 2,27,280 RT-PCR tests were conducted in the country, officials said. Although Kovid is declining, he should wear a mask and maintain physical distance when entering the crowd.

Doha 12 12 Kovil positive for 21 people, including 21 from abroad in Qatar. 89 people were cured.

There are currently 1,047 Kovid positives. 29 people are in hospitals. 677 people have died so far.

Jeddah: 559 Kovid cases have been confirmed in Saudi Arabia. This brings the number of cases to 7,58,361. 210 people were cured of the disease. The number of people who were completely cured was 7,43,309. The death toll rose to 9,111 after a new death was reported.

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