“Kurier”: FPÖ gave instructions on how to stay away from the BVT-U committee

The documents on the affair surrounding ex-constitutional protection officer Egisto Ott, which are available to the “Kurier”, reveal curious things: On December 12, 2018, MPs Hans-Jörg Jenewein (FPÖ) and Ott talked regarding how to stay away from a U-committee can.

According to a report by the “Kurier” (Friday edition), Jenewein writes: “I just heard through indiscretion that Pilz & Krainer U. (the name is abbreviated by the editors, note) want to load once more. It’s a minority right, we can’t prevent it. My suggestion: book another holiday for mid-January TODAY.”

Ott replies: “If you have a flight booking from 15. 1. to 30. 1. for e.g. B. USA or Caribbean, then that’s it… (You have to book – you can cancel it). But it has to be today – the Reds want to bring that in tomorrow. From that point on, it would no longer apply.”

According to the report, former politician Peter Pilz inquired regarding the Vienna bomber in November 2020. Pilz wanted to know whether the terrorist might have been an informant from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. On November 29, 2020, Ott responded once more under the alias Aegistos, Aegistos: “Dear Peter. Spoke to several people. Certainly not listed as a V by the LVT Vienna. BAT also unlikely. Lg Eg.” Three days before that, there was a parliamentary question from the FPÖ on exactly this topic.

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