“Kuwait Syrian” turns profitable in 2021

Kuwait – Mubasher: The company’s financial statements showed Kuwaiti Syrian Holding The company turned profitable last year compared to 2020 losses.

According to the company’s results for the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange, today, Monday, profits last year amounted to 1.02 million dinars ($ 3.36 million), compared to losses in 2020 of 1.58 million dinars ($ 5.21 million).

The company said that the improvement in results during the comparative years is mainly due to the company’s exit from one of its investments in the Syrian Arab Republic, which resulted in profits.

The company’s total revenues last year amounted to 257.33 thousand dinars, compared to 196.32 thousand dinars in 2020, an increase of 21%.

The company’s total shareholders’ equity increased last year by 61% to 16.37 million dinars, compared to 10.17 million dinars in 2020.

The company achieved profits of 1.09 million dinars in the fourth quarter of last year, compared to 180.34 thousand dinars in profits for the same period in 2020, a growth of 506%.


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