La Jornada – They locate the 5 young people who disappeared from Pesquería, NL

The 5 young people who were reported missing in the municipality of Pesquería were located, and they immediately returned with their families.

Dante Damián González Villarreal, 13, and Jesús Omar Cervantes Villarreal, 21, who are siblings, as well as Janna Yamileth Martínez Castillo, 12, Antonio Alejandro Arreozola Gómez, also 13, and Brithny Pérez Gudino, 12, were located on a hill located between the Cantoral and Lomas de San Martín neighborhoods in the peripheral municipality itself.

Personnel from the Local Commission for the Search of Persons, the Specialized Group for Immediate Search (GEBI) of the State Attorney General’s Office and the BUPE Group (Search for Persons) of the State Public Security Secretariat carried out an operation to locate minors and adults.

It was said that the five were together and that they planned to travel to a beach, so it was ruled out that there was any crime.

The same disappeared persons reported that on Tuesday night, when they were walking in the mountains, they saw a patrol go by and hid, assuming that they were looking for them.

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