“La Louvière sees significant drug trafficking operation disrupted: Seizure of almost 10kg of narcotics and 20,000 euros”

The Investigation and Research Service of the La Louvière Police Zone, along with the Federal Police, carried out a drug bust at an apartment building known as “the Castle”. The building was a known hotspot for drug addicts and dealers in the area. The Narcotics Section conducted a months-long investigation to identify the individuals responsible for the trafficking. On March 16, 2023, around fifteen searches were carried out simultaneously, resulting in the arrest of fourteen individuals. Over 3 kg of cocaine, 1.4 kg of hashish, 4.8 kg of marihuana, cash, phones, computers, vehicles, firearms, ammunition, jewelry, and documents were seized. Six suspects were released, two were presented to the Investigating Judge and released under conditions, and six were placed under arrest warrants. The La Louvière Police Zone emphasized their commitment to the fight against drug trafficking.

Members of the Investigation and Research Service of the La Louvière Police Zone, supported by various services in the Zone as well as members of the Federal Police and various partners, proceeded to dismantle drug trafficking, in particular in a apartment building nicknamed “the Castle”.

This building had served for years as a privileged point of contact between the drug addict community of the region and the dealers present on the spot.

A long investigation

After long months of investigation under the direction of an Investigating Judge, the members of the Narcotics Section were able to identify those responsible for this trafficking, all domiciled in the Louviéroise entity.

From 5:15 a.m. on March 16, 2023, around fifteen searches were carried out simultaneously by the police present en masse.

Fourteen people in connection with this traffic were arrested, without any incident to deplore.

Our services proceeded to the impressive seizure of more than 3 kg of cocaine, approximately 1.4 kg of hashish, approximately 4.8 kg of marihuana, packaging material for wholesale, more than €20,000 in cash, numerous mobile phones and computers, five vehicles including a luxury 4×4 and a motorcycle, firearms and ammunition, various jewels as well as numerous documents

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At the end of the urgent duties, six people were released, two people were presented to the Investigating Judge in charge of the case and then released under conditions. Six suspects have been placed under arrest warrants in various penitentiary establishments. “This operation is part of the fight against drug trafficking which is one of the priorities of the La Louvière Police Zone.”, I communicated the zone of police.

The successful operation to dismantle drug trafficking in the infamous apartment building known as “the Castle” was a culmination of long months of investigation and collaboration between various law enforcement agencies. Fourteen individuals were arrested and a substantial amount of drugs and other incriminating items were seized. This operation highlights the commitment of the La Louvière Police Zone to the fight against drug trafficking, which remains a top priority for the agency. The success of this operation serves as a warning to others involved in similar criminal activities that they will be held accountable for their actions.

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