Lanata revealed that a presidential candidate spends between US$ 10 and 30 million

2023-07-24 12:41:00

This Sunday, the journalist Jorge Lanata presented a report on the amounts of money invested in their electoral campaigns by candidates for the Rivadavia seat. In this context, he revealed that a single presidential candidate can spend between 10 and 30 million dollars between trips, events, ticket printing and social networks.

The minimum amount for a competitive candidate is $10 million. But the specialists speak of a total cost of 30 million dollars”, assured Lanata during the last edition of his program Journalism For All by The thirteen, and specified that these expenses are divided into trips, events, posters, spots, social networks, tax and tickets.

In this context, the report submitted by the driver of PPT noted that air travel and transportation make up a large part of the campaign’s monetary burdens, as candidates make “private flights with very high costs in dollars” or use the official planes to campaign in all the provinces of the country.

“The most used flights have approximate costs of about 5 dollars per kilometer y the value of the trip can vary between 10 thousand and up to 20 thousand dollars“, detailed the presentation and exemplified: “A trip to Córdoba costs between 7,000 and 8,000 dollars. To Mendoza between 10 thousand or up to 11 thousand”.

In this sense, he pointed out: “The last month, Larreta used private jets five times, the total expense would reach 60 thousand dollars. In the same period, Patricia Bullrich used these flights twice, in her team they assure that the expense equivalent to 7 thousand dollars per section was paid by a businessman who lent her the plane.

In addition, he remarked that the pre-candidate for the pro-government President, Sergio Massamakes use of presidential planes for your campaign. For example, he used the Argentina 02 to travel to the National Poncho Festival in Catamarca, a section that cost approximately 40 thousand dollarsand then traveled to Entre Ríos on the Tango 33 for about 10 thousand dollars.

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“There are multimillion-dollar expenses in the campaign for rental of events and also for logistics. Especially for public roads,” it was later specified in relation to the second item of campaign expenses: acts and posters. In this regard, it was detailed: “The spending on billboards on public roads for a candidate at the national level can be of 2 million dollar flat“.

In this context, the journalist explained: “Highway billboards are the most coveted. Companies offer monthly packages, for example: a combo of 5 large billboards, 150 small billboards, 100 mobile billboards and 2 LED screens, exceeds 12 million pesos per month“.

Regarding the organization of campaign events and presentations, the report stated that “The most numerous and important costs do not fall below 40 million pesos” and he gave an example of the closing of Javier Milei’s campaign, which will take place in the Buenos Aires Arena, whose rent costs 20 million pesos. Although from their surroundings they affirm that it was “borrowed”.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales with Presentation of Proposals

Then came the turn of the third item presented in the report of PPTlos spots and investment in social networks. “There are millions and millions of pesos that candidates spend on hiring agencies and creative minds so that someone sees all that content that they generate on social networks”.

“Candidates use their official accounts and parallel profiles at the same time”said the journalist and explained that “Union for the Homeland spent more than 10 million pesos in the last 7 days alone,” while Juan Schiaretti, Hacemos’s candidate, “was gambled” and disbursed “more than 25 million pesos in the last week alone.”

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In addition, it was detailed that the amount mentioned is the same that Horacio Rodríguez Larreta spent during the last month. While Bullrich invested a total of 630 thousand pesos so far and Milei did not disburse money in this item.

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In regards to the recruitment of creative agencies y spot productionkey pieces of the electoral assembly, it was specified that Massa hired Catalan to manage his strategy Antoni Gutiérrez Rubíwhile “Nacho” Saavedra is in charge of the spots, production and publicity.

“The first spot was quite cheap because it was all archived, but the next one, which comes out on Tuesday, it will be above 30 thousand dollars“, advanced the report on the campaign of the Minister of Economy

On the other hand, he added: “The one who works very professionally is Larreta’s team, which has ten spots simultaneously rotating in ceded spaces“. In this case, the expert Carlos Pérez was hired, who signed a contract for 10 million pesos during the 45 days of the campaign.

Bullrich, for his part, leaned towards a smaller production company, La Chola TVin which he disburses 3.5 million pesos per month, already having four months of contract. At the same time, Javier Milei left the audiovisual work in the hands of the eighth candidate on his list of Deputies of the City of Buenos Aires.

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The last item in which the money of the campaign is spent is the one of the fiscales and ballots, a key investment for the day of the election. In this case, it was stated that “The State gives each presidential formula 104 million pesos to print the ballots”.

Being that “in Argentina the register is of more than 35 million people, they receive, for each one, $2.92 pesos”, but “political parties order up to three electoral rolls to be printed” only for STEP, bringing total spending to 320 million pesos.

Finally, with regard to the prosecutorswho take care of the ballots and control the counting of votes on election day, spending varies by area and party “but an estimated total expenditure to cover the entire country of 4 million dollars“.

Everyone, without exception, spends more than they have and exceeds the limits allowed by law. They get it from private contributions. The accounts rendered before the courts are never entirely clear,” the journalist concluded.


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