Landing in Thailand! L’Oréal Paris launches new matte lipstick, attracts “Nicht-Janie” to work together

2023-10-08 09:55:08

Landing in Thailand! L’Oréal Paris launches a new matte lipstick, bringing “Nicht-Janie” to join the latest event, Infallible Matte Resistance Lipstick, a new type of matte lipstick that is not sticky, not heavy on the lips, guaranteed to last up to 16 hours. At the most exclusive event L’Oreal Paris Maison Infallible

Welcoming the grand return of liquid lipsticks in 4 years, L’Oreal Paris holds the L’Oreal Paris Maison Infallible event, launching the first long-wear matte lipstick with “Infallible Matte Resistance”, a lightweight matte liquid lipstick, not sticky, easy to blend, comfortable on the lips, long-lasting for 16 hours, with Ms. Nicha Natthanicha Dangwattana Wanit Spokesperson of L’Oréal Paris Thailand along with special guests Janie-Tianphosuwan, actors from GMMTV Tu-Tontawan, Winnie-Thanawin, Satang-Kittipop and Lukchan-Pasidi Phetsutee at Siam Square One BTS area with a car showcase. Red that brings giant lipstick which is a viral phenomenon of painting the city of Paris has reached Thailand Heart of Siam Square
L’Oréal Paris stands for its purpose. To make everyone have access to quality beauty products at affordable prices. It is also the main voice supporting everyone’s self-worth. And has operated the beauty business without testing on animals for more than 30 years. Come back with greatness for 2023, launching “Infallible Matte Resistance”, a matte lipstick texture. Soft, easy to spread, not sticky, light and comfortable on the lips with Liquid to Powder innovation, providing firm matte power all day long. Clear color in one swipe With 10 vivid colors to choose from, every skin tone is irresistible to anyone who sees it. and a brush head designed to be easy to use Increases precision when applying lipstick to the lips, even with just one swipe. Ready to nourish the mouth with the power of hyaluronic acid, making the mouth moisturized. Guaranteed long-lasting color for 16 hours, confident all day long. Allowing you to reveal the charm of the most seductive, plump, elegant lips like a Parisian girl every day.
Ms. Sukanya Kiravittaya, Brand General Manager – L’Oreal Paris Thailand, said:
“As a global beauty brand We continue to reinforce the brand that will be a voice in encouraging everyone to know the value that everyone has in themselves. And dare to reveal your confidence to express your self-esteem. Enhance everyone’s look with the power of transformation through Infallible Matte Resistance Lipstick.”

Ms. Phanpanat Sapmelueng, Brand Business Leader – L’Oreal Paris Makeup, added, “This is a big comeback with the release of the newest lipstick from L’Oreal Paris Makeup.”
“Infallible Matte Resistance, a matte lipstick released under the Infallible franchise, a franchise known for its longevity. This lip launch is L’Oréal Paris Makeup’s biggest lip launch in 4 years and we are confident it will meet the needs of Thai customers. With a matte lipstick that is not dry, not sticky, easy to blend, light and comfortable on the lips, lasts up to 16 hours, comes in 10 shades, from nude tones, pink tones and red tones, which covers and matches all skin tones of Thai women.”
At the event, join in and talk with both brand representatives, starting with Ms. Janie, sharing amazing makeup tips. After confused netizens asked on social media, he said, “Jane likes Color Rich Intense Volume Matte lipstick, number 610 and 614, which are nude colors that fit the skin perfectly. Helps your lips look plump as soon as you use them. Lips are not flat, not dry. The best of makeup with nourishment. Beautiful and juicy in our own way And complete the look more beautiful than before with a new lipstick.
Infallible Matte Resistance, long-lasting matte, beautiful in just one swipe. And the shape of the brush makes it easier to apply. Providing luxury that anyone can afford. Jenwa is a brand that meets every need. Create every look to be beautiful and elegant in your own way. It’s Jane’s confidence booster.”
And finally, Ms. Nicha joined the conversation as Spokesperson of Laureus Paris Thailand after returning from walking the fashion show on the runway Le Défilé “Walk Your Worth” in Paris to inspire everyone to show their worth. In his own way, he said, “To reinforce the brand’s position not only to give beauty power to women. At the same time, we also encourage all women to dare to take a stand. and realize your own worth Confidence in just one swipe Let Liquid Infallible Matte Resistance Lipstick give you the power to embrace every moment with ease. With long lasting color Let everyone be able to relax. And let yourself shine easily like Nisha. Makeup is not just for beauty or confidence. For Nicha L’Oréal Paris, it is also an inspiration. and instill confidence in your own worth in all Thai women as well.”
Meet L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Resistance Matte Liquid Lipstick. Try the new wear today at Watsons and L’Oréal Paris’ online official store. Follow news of L’Oréal Paris’ new products at
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